Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New York Day 2

So, day 2 was spent doing the toy stores. We hit the American Girl Place first, followed by ToysRUs and FAO Schwartz, and I'll discuss the later two in a different post.
It was an enormous hike to the American Girl store, but we wanted to stroll through the park and the city and find our bearings. Poppet managed it quite well, all forty minutes of it, no doubt because her doll would be getting her ears pierced at the end of it. 

Here is the huge store, it is certainly worth a visit (but keep it in mind that you will plonk down a fortune in this place if you have a daughter). 

The first piece of business was to have brunch. It was a rather lavish affair in the specially designed cafe upstairs, complete with four courses. So many birthday parties were being held, we must have sung happy birthday at least four times whilst eating. The table came complete with a box of conversation starters and a high chair for Poppet's doll, Tilly. Do you think it's pink enough in there?

Next, we were off to the salon. Tilly was to have her hair styled and her ears pierced. I can't express how excited my kid was about all this. The stylist combed Tilly's hair out, then explained how to care for it properly to my wide-eyed child. She then took the doll out back to pierce the ears (no child needs to see a hole being punched into the side of their dolls head!).

Once we were done with the salon, we moved onto the store to spend Poppet's saved up Xmas and birthday cash. She did a pretty good job of budgeting and came home with a hoard of new gear for Tilly.
Oh, need to pee? No problem, there's a doll hook inside the toilet cubicle so you don't have to put your doll on the floor. Nice.

After three toy stores (and a couple of boutiques), we strolled home through the park. Poppet only put up with this because she new ice cream would reward her sore feet.

It was a beautiful day, who wants to spend it in a car on under the ground. I'm surprised we didn't end up with blisters after this weekend in New York.
More tomorrow, got to get this kid ready for school...

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