Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Funny Girl

Well, it's nice to report that we've had a better few days.
Poppet is recovered from her trauma, seemingly no worse for wear. That's just how she rolls.
It occurs to me that I haven't taken many photos lately (except for the photo of the day) so it was great to open my inbox tonight to find a bunch of awesome shots of my kid courtesy of our sitter. She took the girl to the park this afternoon. 

I love these shots, it's clear how much Poppet loves her sitter and it's so nice to see your child through someone else's eyes. Plus, my kid will not smile in photos for me like this anymore, she always has to funk it up and be silly. Which is ok too.
I promise I will put some more photos up soon. We are off to New York City in two weeks, so there'll be plenty of opportunities for snaps then. But don't be expecting Statues of Liberties and Times Squares and Rockefeller Centres. That's NOT how we roll. There will be bookstores, toystores, parks and coffee shops. Maybe a museum and a gallery, some ice cream. A couple of shows, to be sure.
To get us into the mood, we saw Mr Jerry Seinfeld tonight. He was great, still very funny.

Bed now, tomorrow there will be more sunshine and relaxation before we tackle the school and that washroom (bathroom? toilet?) issue.


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