Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Getting Sorted

It's funny. Every time I emerge from feeling poorly I feel a pressing need to clean. Everything!
So, I've scrubbed the house, sorted the winter clothes and put them away, made dinner and been to the supermarket.
Today, I've extended that clean-up feeling to my craft stash. Unbeknownst to me, a little bit of fabric has become a stash. I'm sure Husband has noticed. I had to stock up recently on felt (no Superhero colours left!)

and Xmas stuff (I'm cutting some Santas out tomorrow) and my poor little Expedit bookcase is a tad overwhelmed. But until I finish washing all the new fabric, I've decided to do my best to ignore the mess and get on with other pressing activities.
The number one on my list has been (for some time) to transfer my patterns onto templastic. The paper is getting pretty tatty and tracing around it drives me nuts. But it takes a few hours from my schedule, and I haven't found any plastic until now, so it's been on the backburner.
Found the plastic last week, so I made myself sit down and just get on with it.
I still have a few more patterns to go, but at least I have some plastic shapes to work with tomorrow. Very satisfying. Whilst working I've been listening to Craftypod, one of my favourite crafty business podcasts.
And I've been gazing at my pin-up board. The best thing on it is this note Poppet made for me over the weekend. She said I looked like I needed a little something...

It reads  "You have a bookay of flowers (turn to the next page) Sprinkled with a bit of love".

Bless her cotton-polyster-blend socks!

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