Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Friday, May 25, 2012

Congratulations and Salutations!

Let's cut to the chase. I have drawn two winners and their names are....




Let's all do a happy dance for the girls. I am also doing a happy dance for all the incredibly sweet things you've written in the comments section. It's lovely to see some long-time followers and some newbies in there too.

image via here

I will email Lainie and Jessie forthwith to discuss our plans and will share the design process with y'all on the blog.
If you missed out (boohoo) I would love you to comment your design ideas below. Am always up for making something new and interesting. I can't work in a vacuum, your input would be awesome.

Have a happy day. I'm off to get my child ready for a hot Friday at school. Heading for a top of 29 degrees today, and a possible thunderstorm tonight. Wait, didn't I move away from Australia?!

Big love.


  1. Congratulations lucky girls! we could do with 29 degrees in perth, it was -2 at my place at 5:30 this morning!!!!!!

  2. i'll be ready to return to those temps soon amy!

  3. Ohhh & I coulda sworn it would be me. Lol. A HUGE CONGRATULAIONS to two VERY lucky girls!!

  4. Congratulations girls
    29 would be nice it's only going to be 14 in Melbourne todsy


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