Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Friday, May 18, 2012

New York Day 1

 Well, we had to go to the bowels of the airport in Toronto yesterday. Should have taken a packed lunch to eat on the journey to our gate! When we saw our plane we understood. It was tiny! Only four seats across and one toilet.
The flight was really smooth and we were low enough to see everything along the way. Niagara Falls was not particularly spectacular from that height, Poppet said it was 'cute'. 
She spent part of the flight writing me a letter in my filofax.

"Dear mommy,
The roads are very tiny, from up hear on the plane! I can see lots of green and blue. And even red! I also see lots of white things, Autho (although)  I can't realy make out what they are. I'm looking forward to going to F-A-O shwarts and geting someting realy cool! I am also looking forward to geting Tilly's ears pearst."

Here she is writing it, being careful to finger-space between the words...

After and hour in the air, we landed at JFK and were glad we took a pitstop at the bathroom (washroom?) because the drive to the hotel took over an hour. Not particularly picturesque coming down through Harlem past roadworks, but when we crossed the top of the park the city completely changed.
We are in the Upper West Side and it's very family friendly. A little like our own 'hood, kids on scooters complaining that they're tired. Ice creameries, restaurants and toy stores.

The hotel (the Lucerne, if you`re interested) upgraded us to a suite so we have a crazy amount of space for a New York hotel room. No bed bugs (yay!) and very clean, and a fabulous restaurant downstairs which does room service. We will head down there for breakfast when we can be bothered.

Dinner last night was at Coppola`s. They had pizza and I had eggplant parmigiana. Mmmm.
The Poppet has started carrying her American Girl (named Tilly, for her cousin) in the backpack I made. 

We get a lot of smiles, which is quite helpful in such a big city. And yes, we are going to attempt to get her doll's ears 'pearst'. They have a spa for dolls instore. (rolls eyes)
After seeing about an inch of this city, I can say that I love it. I don't want to leave.
Here is the view from our window. The neighbour has a pretty cool roof-top garden. Lots of koi and a hammock, maybe we can befriend him....


  1. One day soon I'll get there. Enjoy Vic x

    1. And when you do, I will be meeting you here! Knitting store across the street from the hotel...


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