Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Monday, October 26, 2015

Introducing the Sweetheart Dolls.

Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce my newest line of dolls. They are very special and I've taken a lot of time with the design process to get them just right.

I like to call them Sweethearts because they have a felt heart stitched onto their chests which they wear with pride.

My own Poppet and I were chatting one day about feelings and how awful it is to bottle them up, which led me to thinking about how nice it would be if your child's special keepsake doll could remind them to stay true to their heart. I'm hopeful that these little felt hearts will lead to all sorts of lovely conversations with your children about embracing their own feelings and being proud of their hearts too.

And so, without further ado, here are the first two dolls.

First off, we have Esther.

She is a handmade ballerina doll. You can purchase her here.

Ever the optimist, she loves to dance and watch old Astaire and Garland movies (who doesn't?!)

When she isn't daydreaming about being a prima ballerina Esther might be found sneaking marshmallows from the pantry. She likes the pink ones best!

She is trying to learn to crochet but prefers starting projects to finishing them.
Esther will cherish your secrets and happily share her dreams with you.

And I haven't forgotten the boys. Here is Jake.

He is a handmade Sailor doll. You can purchase him here.

Jake is a jolly fellow who always sees the glass half full. As a sailor-in-training his glass is half full of apple cider rather than rum. But he has a sweet tooth so that's just fine with him.

Jake loves to explore and sail the seven seas. He has an adventurous spirit and a tendency to get into mischief. This includes running off to get yet another tattoo. The latest one is for his "Mom", which makes it awfully hard to stay cross with him for long.

Jake's hobbies include munching on beef jerky and learning to tie all those tricky knots a sailor needs to know.

Both dolls are One of a Kind and have removable clothes for imaginative play. I'm sure they will share many fun adventures with their new owners once adopted!

I hope you love these new dolls as much as I do. I am moving my business into new territories and will soon be offering sewing kits and patterns, as well as lovely bespoke custom dolls. The new year is looking very exciting.

Though, truth be told, I am also feeling very nervous about it all. I hope you will embrace my Poppets and products as you have always done in the past.

I wouldn't be here without you.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Christmas Countdown. Order up!

Not to disturb you, but there's only 71 days until Christmas. Here is the clock to prove it!

So, whilst that may not be an issue per se, it does mean you'll need to get your skates on if you want to give the gift of handmade for Christmas.
Remember that us handmakers do not have a little troop of elves to help us prepare your orders. If only!
Poppet is able to help me with stickers and wrap and the like but I'm still not ready to pass the scissors over just yet. So, for now, it's just little old me.

I have some adorable Christmas decorations up in the shop which are available to order.

Now is the perfect time to put in an order for your tree. You can even select the colours to suit your Christmas decor. So click on the link and order up.

Christmas is coming...

I would also be delighted to work on a custom order for you and yours this Holiday season. Just send me an email or a convo or whatever. Let's chat!

Enjoy the rest of your week...


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