Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Friday, October 7, 2011

This Morning...

As I write this I'm listening to lovely, crafty Pip Lincolne here.  If you want to find out more about here visit her webpage. Pip is a great source of inspiration and an all-round great gal. It's not just about craft, but slowing down and enjoying life and books and people. I have joined her Retro Readers club which is a fun walk down memory lane. Just finished James and The Giant Peach, looking forward to another book from my childhood this month.
I'm really focusing on getting my craft 'on'. Today I vow to find that crochet (not sure which suitcase it's in) so it's on hand for when I'm feeling needy. And with such super-fast internet I'm going to make an effort to find some great crafty podcasts to download as well. If you have a favourite podcast feel free to share it in the comments below.
It's almost time to purchase the sewing machine, we just need to hit Ikea tomorrow for the last big run. On the list is a dining table and a desk (and I plan on taking over both with poppets soon!) and then there's some more storage to add. Hopefully after this weekend we'll be able to put down that allen key at last. Did I mention our sore thumbs?!
Once that's done I'm sure I'll start to feel a bit more settled. As much as I've been counting down the days til Poppet started school, now that she's there every day I'm feeling a little lost. And lonely. I just have to be patient with myself and the locals and wait til we all mesh together nicely. I know this will take time, that's ok.
Meanwhile the butterflies in my tummy come and go, and sometimes I feel like taking on the world and sometimes I don't. I will push myself in a few hours to walk the local strip (which is fabulous) and pop into a few shops which I haven't explored yet. Definitely the bookshop is on today's list. 
So, Poppet had some tears at drop-off yesterday. I have been expecting some separation angst, but it still took me by surprise. She is generally so confident and happy that I forget what may be bubbling under the surface (hmm, where does she get that from?!) and I need a reminder that she's only 6 and has just moved country and has changed living arrangements a few times in the last two months. I think the butterflies in her tummy may be contributing to mine.
The solution was to don mummy's scarf and hold her new friend's hand as she went inside. The set up is different here, with parents staying outside the school doors and kids entering alone. It's great for independence but a bit tricky when there's tears. However, the scarf worked, it stayed in her bag all day and she apparently just had a look at it or put it on when she was feeling unsure.
We walk to and from school each day, which is lovely. People are starting to put up some pumpkins and Halloween decorations in their yards and there are lots of squirrels. The locals may refer to them as 'rats with tails' but we still find them incredibly cute. In fact, we've started a squirrel tally and Poppet keeps a notebook in her schoolbag so we can count them on the walk to school. We may start a pumpkin tally soon too.
Anything to keep the walk interesting and spirits high!

Here are some shots from our walk today...

Poppet with the squirrel tally, wearing the magic scarf.
A landscaper lives on the corner and has painted the lamp post. Poppet loves it!
Roadworks are a part of life here. After the roads have thawed they are wrecked and the sunny seasons are spent re-laying them. Do NOT try to drink a coffee when driving on the highway, you will end up wearing it.
Lovely school. It's a big building full of good times so far.

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

So, squirrel tally 3, pumpkin tally...TBA...


  1. Yay!! Things are sounding great. I miss you, I think I just keep thinking that you'll be back soon. You WILL be back soon....right???

  2. I loved that post Jen.
    I too remember the thrill of spotting my first Canadian Squirrel. The locals thought I was crazy, but it was just so 'north american'!
    We'll have to tee up a day to do the photo walk together, I think it would be fun. Enjoy the weekend together! (I'm jealous of your bananas BTW).

  3. CHEAP bananas! typically Poppet has decided she no longer likes bananas. and Tonia? dunno when but I'm sure we'll be back...

  4. oh, and final squirrel count for the day was 8 btw...


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