Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How Do You Like Dem Apples?

It's fall, and the leaves are turning orange and drifting gently to the ground. The air is certainly crisp!
Another source of crispness are the apples. They are one of my favourite things about this time of year in Canada. The variety is amazing and they just taste incredible!

So, on the weekend we decided to hit the road and go apple picking. There are a plethora of pick-your-own options about an hour's drive away. We decided to go to Chudleigh's. It is the most tourist-y option, but hey, we're still tourists. The forecast was for a cold, overcast day. What we got was an incredibly cold, blustery and wet day. But that's fine with me, you know I love that type of weather.

We hit the playground first, which was a great fort-style one with huge slides and haystacks to land in. Then we found a tractor ride and got ourselves out to the apples. The orchard went for miles and there were so many varieties to choose from. Our tractor driver gave us the head's up, apparently the Fujis made the best picking that day so we made a beeline for them.

Somehow, I seem to have gotten through life without tasting an apple straight from the tree. Thank goodness I've finally done it, I was completely blown away by them. Actually we just kept picking and eating them, but eventually remembered that we wanted to take some home as well.
Poppet really enjoyed the apple picking. She said that it was better than the playground! And now she's eating apples again because she picked them herself. (unfortunately she seems to know that bananas are only 59 cents a pound in Canada as opposed to $12 a kilo in Oz, so she's off them, sigh)

After the fabulous apples we strolled through the petting zoo. I had to take a shot of these forlorn looking dogs. They'd spent the night frolicking with a skunk and were in 'quarantine'. Hehe...

After a few more critters and a little more play, it was time to get out of the elements and head home with our beloved apples. 

I'm aiming to make an apple crumble this weekend. Do you have a favourite recipe? I'd love you to share it.


  1. Love, love the last pic of Poppet! Made me smile. I can only eat apples cooked, so I'll over in a tic for some of that apple crumble. x

  2. Great pics....apples are not one of my favourite fruits, so no recipes coming from me...Sorry Vicki x

  3. i dunno vicki, this place might convert you...

  4. Looks lovely Jen! I have a sort of apple recipe, but it requires a campfire (or at least an open Barbie). Essentially it's a toffee apple, but personally, I reckon these taste way better, and are more fun (they do require a bit of patience, or a hand from mum, for small people)!

    First find a long, sturdy, pointed and most importantly, NON-POISONOUS stick! Spear your apple onto it firmly so it won't fall off. Prick the apple all over. Hold over the campfire until the juice starts to run out, then roll it carefully in sugar, then hold it over the campfire again till the sugar caramelizes and more juice runs out. Repeat for as long as you can be bothered (or until there's a danger of burnt toffee, or apple falling off), let cool for a bit, then eat. Mmmm, apple flavoured toffee on roasted apple!

    Canada looks beautiful, perhaps one day I'll make it there for a holiday! Best wishes to you and your little family for a fantastic new start!

    :) Christina

  5. thanks chris, that sounds a lot healthier than some of the toffee apples i've seen around here!
    maybe i'll build a fire out on the deck....


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