Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So, here's some pics from the house at last. We finished the flatpacking-torture on the weekend, and today the garbage men took away all the evidence of that. I've spent a day cleaning up bits of foam and cardboard and have finally started to unpack the work stuff I brought over. Yay.
I've decided to really embrace colour with this move. One of the advantages of relocating without your stuff is to chance to experiment with your decorating style. I scoured the internet and found these images on pinterest which really expressed what I was/am aiming for.

It's been a challenge as we're on a tight budget (the car budget blew out big time!) so we decided to stick to Ikea for the basics.  We even bought the exact same sofa which we had in Perth. But at $500 how can you not?!
In a previous post I discussed how we were considering swapping the dining and living areas around. We bought an extension for the cable tv and the results are great, the flow is so much better and it just feels nicer sitting near a bay window looking out at the trees and squirrels.

the old living space

over by the bay window, lots of sunshine!

Apologies for the quality of the photos, I had neglected to charge my camera properly. D'oh! But you get the idea. Here are some more detailed pics of my favourite bits...

detail from the purple glass lamp I picked up (not Ikea)
lovely pouffe featuring some great ikat fabric (not Ikea either)

and I'm rather partial to this $5 cushion (from Ikea)

So, it's coming along nicely. Starting to feel like home, I'll put some photos up soon of my work station and the dining room but I'm happy with the bones of it all. Now we can have fun finding quirky handmade local pieces for the walls and shelves. Considering how the previous tenants had it set up I think we're doing ok.

And after all that time spent seeking photos for inspiration, I realized that all I needed to do was to look at my crochet project.

I think blankie will fit in nicely if I ever get it finished...


  1. Its come along beautifully Jen. It looks great. Love the pouffe too

  2. thanks maryanne, i hardly ever get to put my feet on it as poppet says it's her chair...


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