Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Thursday, October 6, 2011


So we've moved in. 
The past week has been spent sorting and cleaning and building flat packed furniture.
We live in what's called a 'triplex'. Our cute house has been divided into 3 apartments; lucky us on the top two floors, our landlords (brothers) on the ground floor and a young lady lives in the basement. We're all new to the property which is great, we can iron out all the quirks together.
One of those quirks is the fact that the heating is controlled on another floor, so we'll have to send the boys a text message if we get too cold. For now, it's a balmy 22 degrees most days, great weather to explore our new 'hood. But before the cold hits I think I'll source some ugg boots for us all...
I'll start by sharing some 'before' photos for you of the apartment. I took these the morning we moved in.

The main bedroom.

Poppet scored the bigger bedroom, but she has more stuff than us.    
Currently the lounge room.

The dining room has the best view so we're thinking of switching them over.

Nice bathroom, decent storage and washer/dryer inside. No sharing laundries thank you!

Oh, soooo many stairs!

Kitchen has plenty of storage, electrical goods are always included here.

Later on I'll do some more detailed shots of the rooms as they get decorated. 
But I'll take a break from typing now, as my hand is so sore from over-use of the allen key...



  1. Wow - it looks so beautiful Jen! I love the dining room, with the lovely windows. With all those stairs you won't need to go on your walks anymore - just getting the mail should be enough! x Tarnie

  2. What a lucky poppet to have a bedroom with sloped ceilings!! The house looks beautiful & I can see a little 'poppet factory' being eeked out a corner somewhere. I look forward to the photos as you settle in & an ever shrinking buttock from all that stair climbing!

  3. Looks beautiful. Looking forward to the 'after' shots.

  4. I am thinking squeeze a little dining table and the living room furniture in the room with the view and make the current living room a poppet factory! :)

  5. Looks very swish indeed...looking forward to more pics as you settle in.

  6. thanks all, don't worry there'll be a poppet factory in there somewhere...


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