Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sunday Shorts

Gosh, how is it Wednesday night already?!

Time is flying by lately. I now have lunch with Poppet three days a week, which means doing the school walk six times a day. She has had some trouble with a few difficult girls and we decided that giving her a break at lunchtime was the best form of intervention. It seems to be working, but more on that later.
I've also started accepting custom orders again, which I'm enjoying immensely, but it means I'm busier with work but have less time to get things done because of my lunch dates. Exercise is meant to be fitting in there somehow too. I actually managed a walk today, it's been slightly warmer lately (around 5 degrees) so walking seems possible at last. The bulbs are starting to peek out of the dirt and Spring is just around the corner. Yay!
With all the rush rush rushing, my poor blog has been neglected. My plan was to amp up the blogging this year, but I have had to re-think that now that my days are cut in half. I don't resent the time with my kid at all, it's lovely to hang out with her either at home or a local cafe, but there's only so much one woman can do.

Here, at least, is a little blog post. Some Sunday shorts...

I'll share some shots of the work I'm actually doing soon. And will be sending out a newsletter announcing the next custom spots tomorrow. Don't forget to give me your email if you want to be a part of that.


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