Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Sunday, March 17, 2013

An American Girl Kind of Day

Ok. Our last day in NYC was spent sojourning to American Girl Place. It was a beautiful day, so we walked through the park to get there, stopping at playgrounds and lakes and rocks (more climbing) as we ambled.
The walk from our 79th Ave area down to Midtown took about an hour. Walking back certainly took longer, Poppet was pooped! But we stopped at a lot of playgrounds and she scored a fair amount of loot which I'm pretty sure made up for the exhaustion...

Our girl and her girl
Waffle regret.

Ready for action!

Painted brownstones.

Making plans.

Some serious styling.

Happy traveler.

We call this the Jan Brady wall of fame.

Cutting through the zoo, getting plenty of attention.

An incredible stone slide.

Climbing near 5th Ave.


Fatigued, but only two blocks left to go.

We rewarded Poppet with an hour in the hotel to play with her loot before heading out for a burger.

Where we went: American Girl Place (website), Rockefeller Centre and the Lego Store(pictures later).
Where we ate: TGIF (a chain but quite fun and across from American Girl), Island Burgers (fabulous burgers near our hotel).

We went back to the hotel and packed, watched some Seinfeld, stared out the window for a while and then set our alarm early for the journey home. And it is nice to be home, even it it's a bit bloody cold! A bit of a shock to return to minus 7 temperatures after the spring of New York. Not packing the thermal underwear away just yet...

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