Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So, You Want To Order A Poppet...

Things, they are a-changing round these parts.

I am going to accept custom orders in 2013, yay!  I will also continue to make Poppets for immediate sale via Etsy as well but for now I will focus on custom work in lieu of wholesale and see how things go. It would be nice to reward all of you who have stuck around so long in the hopes of nabbing a Poppet.

If you want to be in the running to make a custom order this year there is only one way to do it.
Newsletter! You need to send me your email, either via email or comment or tweet, and I will add you to the list of subscribers.

I will eventually put a link up on the blog but that's too much technical mumbo jumbo for me right now. I hate doing this stuff, my brain dies a little death with each attempt. I'd much rather be sewing.

I am still deciding how to award the custom spots and will announce that soon via the newsletter. The first one will go out next Monday and it will contain all the pertinent information including pricing and schedules.
I will also try to announce Etsy listings on the newsletter FIRST before I blog or tweet or facebook.

So, as they say, you have to be in it to win it. If you want in, comment below or send me an email at jen@pikeletworkshop.com
You only need to do this once, I'll collate your details from various places. I won't miss you!
Thanks, and here's to a happy and productive Poppet-filled year!


  1. So, so very excited!

  2. 2013 just got a whole lot better, YAY, for custom spots!

    My email is mary.anne82@hotmail.com


  3. mell_murray@hotmail.com

    is it right to do it here? or on facebook, i'd better scroll up and read it again......gahhhh baby brain.

    1. anywhere you like mel, that's fine thanks.

  4. Button_81@hotmail.com

    OMG, I NEED a Poppet, as I missed out on the when you lived in Perth & miss them in Etsy :(

    1. hurray! i will do my best to make sure you get one this year :)

  5. hello@sammyandlola.com.au
    Could you please add me to your newsletter?

  6. So excited! Could you please add me to the newsletter.
    My email is


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