Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I've been meaning to share this video with you. Over the brief Christmas Holidays, Poppet participated in a 3-day animation camp. We trudged down the hill in the snow and the cold each morning and it was absolutely worth it. The kids learned about early animation (watched some original Popeye cartoons) and the various styles available to tinker with. Then they made this awesome film.
Each child had their own clay character to create and animate. They worked very hard and now have a much greater appreciation for how long things like Wallace & Gromit must take.
We are hoping to do another class soon!

Click over HERE to watch the film...

If you're in Toronto and would like to know more, go to The Centre for Art & Soul over here.
They have a lovely approach to introducing children to art and we're very glad they're around the corner.

image found here

Poppet also started a new drawing class today at Smock Cafe around the corner. She learned about the grey scale this afternoon and even did a little perspective piece. Very cool!

After which she came home and played on the new keyboard I bought today.
Quite the creative day!


  1. Jen, I am nominating you for Very Inspiring Blogger and The Versatile Blogger awards. Your Poppets are the best! Just spotted your cool button, something I need to investigate and I will grab one of yours!
    Congratulations, more info and rules are here

  2. Thanks so much, Clare. That's so cool. Will read further into it in the morning with my coffee.
    A friend created the button for me, but it's cool. I'm sure there are lots of ways to google how to do it. My brain melts when I attempt such things.


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