Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Catching Up

Hello there.

I've been AWOL for a few days. The weekend was spent at a spa with some lovely friends. There was massage, champagne, hot tubs in the freezing weather (my hair froze!) and a lot of giggling. It was a great break from regular life.

The Spa

The view from our farmhouse

Thanks to Clare for the Sephora gift bags

Still the best wine available here IMO

Poppet has been doing really well with her ice skating lessons and I finally managed to get down there with my camera. The last class was on a very warm day (around 10 degrees) and most of the instructors were in t-shirts. 

And I managed to find a decent keyboard that didn't cost the earth. I have been 'teaching' my daughter to play piano and she spent the other afternoon learning some new tunes. She has the knack, but I don't want to add to her load with external lessons at the moment so it's home schooling all the way. It's lots of fun, though she won't be passing any exams any time soon.

Finally, I am slowly getting back to work. It's incredibly cold this week (minus 24!) which is perfect staying-in-and-sewing weather. The tooth fairies are coming along nicely and will be in the Etsy store soon.


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