Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wishing Poppets

I've been busy stitching up some last minute Christmas stock lately. This is the last of it. Hooray!
Happily, I delivered the Wishing Poppets to the lovely store down the road from me last week and they have since put them up in the window. Very exciting.
Here's a couple of snaps, beginning with a new Frosty character...

If you'd like to see these Poppets in action you can visit Planet Kid's Facebook page over here. Regrettably they don't ship outside of Canada as far as I know...
I can finally make Poppet a Wishing Angel of her own, a nice little surprise for her Christmas tree.
She can write a note to Santa and ask him for that darn Furby she's obsessed with. "He" is really going to regret bringing one of those into the house. For sure.
And I'm working on something very cute and new, which I've been wanting to experiment with for ages but haven't had time. I can't reveal it until after Christmas, as that would be giving it away. Shhh...

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