Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Friday, December 28, 2012


I was planning a post to recap Christmas.
But then it snowed! After such a dry and boring old winter last year we doubted if the snow would come. Thankfully, on Boxing Day night it snowed the whole night through. We awoke to about a foot of snow all around.
It was bin day, so we had to gear up (which takes forever!) and get out there to shovel the pavement so there would be somewhere to put the bins.
Husband and I shovelled whilst Poppet made snow angels. Then we dragged her to the park and went down the slope a few times before returning home for breakfast.

There might even be some more snow tonight. Toronto is so very pretty in the snow. And Poppet has spent most of the day outside playing in it with a friend. This climate is nowhere near as limiting to us as summer back home. As long as you have the right clothing on you can get out and enjoy it! Clearly we are winter beasts.
Hope y'all have had an awesome holiday week, we sure have.

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