Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Month Of

JustB has started a creative challenge for December.
They've called it "A Month Of" and I think it will be fun. I`m a bit over the "photo a day" thing so thought I'd give this a go. The idea is to share something inspired by the letter of the day, be that a photograph or a written post or something you've made.
Yesterday was the letter "A" and I chose the word "ambition".
If you click here you can see my instagram shot. It's poor quality (android camera on a freezing day!) but you get the idea.
We decided that if we're going to spend some serious time in Canada, and we certainly hope that to be the case, then Poppet should learn to skate like the locals. The city-run ice rinks just opened and a local hockey club runs beginners skating classes for kids. She even got her own hockey jersey which looks pretty cool with her helmet and safety mask. So much gear! It takes at least 20 minutes to get her dressed in the layers for an hour on the ice; thermals, snow pants, coat, thick gloves, scarf, helmet and skates. It's always a relief when your child doesn't need the toilet after you lace on those skates.
Poppet can have issues with trying something new. She's apt to giving up if she can't achieve mastery on her first go. Quite the perfectionist!
She was very nervous but pushed through without our assistance, and managed to hold her own for the entire class. We're incredibly proud of her, she didn't give up and even helped one of her own friends through some nerves. Leadership and courage. And the ambition to be a skater like her Canadian buddies. Next time I'll take my fancy camera so I can share some better shots with you.

Image found over here.

A very good Saturday...

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