Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I'm So Sure...

Like, oh my God and gag me with a spoon. We're off to an 80s party tonight.
We've bought some matching stonewash denim and I'm sharpening my blue eyeliner in anticipation. I'm an 80s girl, grew up on Valley Girl and Dynasty (thanks Sis!), lip gloss and mixed tapes.
To celebrate this blessed event, I've set up a fun Pinterest board filled with fun stuff from the 80s. Here's some of my faves...

And you can find lots more over here.
Do you have fond 80s memories? What was your favourite show/movie/outfit/band? I'd love to know.
I'll leave you with this clip from Valley Girl which happens to feature my favourite 80s song too...

Will be sure to take some totally rad shots of us in our finest before we head out tonight. It'll  be tubular!


  1. Loved that freakin lipgloss I had so many flavours too

    1. Me too! I was excited when I saw that photo...


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