Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Very Lazy Day

We had plans today but we cancelled. We are still so tired, phlegmy, headach-y and sore throat-y. A day in pyjamas required. Instead of a shower at 6.30am I had a bath at lunchtime, read some magazines and took my time. Poppet built a fort in the bay window and spent half the day there with her ipod (listening to Narnia audiobooks, yay!) and some jubilee colouring I found online. Husband chilled out on the sofa with his laptop. We had the Queen's tour of the Thames on the tv in the background. There was some lunching, some skipping, some dismay at the damage the wind did to my lovely salvia plants overnight (boo!) and a small walk down the strip for some fresh air when the rain stopped.
Then we made an effort and went to see "Pirates" which is such a funny and deliciously layered animation. Loved it so, not really surprised by that. We are huge Aardman fans in this house! A bite to eat near the cinema, home to play with the neighbour's cats and now it's time for Poppet to get out of the bath, head to bed and read the final chapter of "Prince Caspian".

The view from the deck is lovely and green, but the wet weather has returned for now so we can only get out there occasionally. Still, it's lovely to be surrounded by such enormous trees. We have lots of little birds who visit us and manage to escape the neighbour's cats and their claws.
Crochet will be the only other effort I make before bed. I started the dang blanket a year ago, you can read about the beginnings of it here. And it's only developed to cot-size in that time. Need to crack on before the next winter!


  1. Oh, and I might add that I received a comment on my facebook page today from a blogger/crafty business-type gal whom I've been following for years. She's someone I really look up to so it was quite a treat to hear from her. All that social media swatting might be paying off, I'm spreading the word...

  2. Hi Jen, Sorry to hear youre all suffering with colds - hope things pick up soon. So funny to see your little one with her ipod - we bought our little girl one for her b'day and she is in seventh heaven. And always attached to it. :) Narnia audiobooks sound like a brilliant idea, I'll have to find some for her. ~ Alisa
    ps. Thanks for your lovely comment on my Trimmings project :)

    1. You are welcome Alisa, it's incredible work! Poppet has an old ipod of her dad's which is working thankfully. We use audible.com for downloading books, heaps of kids stuff over there if you want to take a look. I have a membership so get one book per months for about $14.

  3. Gosh the fluish, bug thing is universal....hope you're all keeping warm and feeling better soon.


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