Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Arty Splurge

We have an absolute favourite store in Toronto. It's called Magic Pony.
Whilst you can certainly buy your Moomin toys and Totoro pencil cases, what we really love to drool over is the art. Our favourite artists at the moment are part of a collaborative group who call themselves Team Macho. We fell in love with their name, have bought the book and have been coveting their art for months now. We are certainly not in the market for original works at this point in our life, but on a whim today we decided to grab a few of the limited edition prints before they disappeared.
It was a tough choice, and we will probably have to go back for more later. But today we purchased "Fizzle Kitten"

image via here

and "Tiger Silkscreen".

image via here

Yay for art! We have bare white walls, it will be nice to put something on them which makes us smile. Luckily the framer down the road is having a sale at the moment...

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