Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fun At The Fun Fair

The end of the school year is cause for great celebration in our house.
It marks the survival of said year (with all the trials and tribulations young girls and their friendships are frought with) and means that Poppet will finally complete Grade 1. She's been doing it for 18 months!
We have loved being part of such a strong community, and are keeping all fingers and toes crossed that we will continue to do so. I now have some amazing new women in my life and rarely walk down the street for milk without stopping half a dozen times to say 'hello' to someone.
My Dad used to go for a 'quick' trip to the shops and it was always hours before his return. In part, it was his search for the perfect grey sock (which he finally found a few months before he died) but I'm guess he was mostly shooting the breeze with the many people he knew. He was a teacher after all. At least my husband can track me down with my cell phone if I get  too lost in conversation. 
Last night the school hosted a Fun Fair. There were five bouncy castles (I believe a local parent owns the company, handy) and cotton candy (yep, fairy floss), face painting and a huge bake sale. I contributed choc chip cookies which were pure evil, couldn't wait to get THEM out of the house, and some banana bread.
It was a lovely evening chatting to parents whilst the kids ran amok. 

And would you believe there is a street festival in Roncy today (music and art etc) and tomorrow is Father's Day in North America, AND there is a kids' festival at our local park. Yeesh! Better go re-charge the camera. Have postponed bicycle shopping until next weekend, no time to ride them!

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