Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Monday, June 4, 2012

No Laziness In Sight

Today's effort was quite the opposite to yesterday's laziness. 
I'm still feeling blocked, sinuses now, but mostly better.  I'm surprised that we slept last night. Our landlords had a soiree outside into the wee small hours (never understood people who have the stamina to entertain on a Sunday night knowing they have to work the next day, I'm such a square). We must have been tired to sleep through it considering the state they left the yard in. I don't begrudge them their bit of fun, they're quite lovely and generally very quiet. Though how they could leave the mess there all day and concentrate on other things is beyond me (neat freak). Fortunately we don't share the yard with them, plus it was a wet day so I didn't have to venture anywhere near theirs either.

Poppet had a playdate after school, so I felt justified in spending the first three hours after dropping her off cleaning the house (the floors were so gross!) instead of working. Then I just had to tackle our only teeny-tiny storage cupboard as it has been driving me nuts. This poor cupboard has to handle our tools, our tax and paperwork, plus my business paperwork and packaging, crafty bits and bobs, shopping bags and backpacks and other miscellanea. Quite the challenge! But always very satisfying when it's done (did I mention I'm a neat freak?) 

 And then it was time for lunch and some social media nonsense, plus some emails before I could finally start work at 1pm. I enjoyed working today, listening to the latest Kermode and Mayo film review on my Ipod (getting excited about Prometheus, going to see it this Friday night). I did some rough sketches to get started on those giveaway Poppets from a few weeks ago.

Then cracked on with some cutting. I really like cutting especially the felty bits, and sewing. It's probably the stuffing that really bugs me so I try to break that part up or rent a really good movie to keep me distracted from the monotony and the RSI.
Thought it might be time for some Xmas Poppets. No?

Hope your Monday wasn't too shabby. 


  1. Wow Jen, you punched on through Monday! a gal with a mission. Hope you show us the finished poppets.

  2. Thanks Roberta! I certainly will.

  3. Christmas Poppets!!! YAAAAAAYYYY!!

    1. Yep, just stitched some antlers up last night!


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