Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Friday, January 13, 2012

They Say It's Your Birthday!

Gee. It's been a big week. I've so much to post about, we've had parties and been out in the snow on skis and toboggans. So, I'll work my way chronologically through the past week. Starting with the party.
Poppet turned 7 last weekend. How is that even vaguely possible?
We survived the stomach flu by the skin of our teeth and made it out the other side to celebrate our big girl's birthday in style. She wanted something a little more grown up for this party. We opted for a tea party, asked the girls to dress in their finest and our gorgeous babysitter hosted the event. She prepared a jewelry-making party for the girls. And what a spread of sparkly things they had to play with! Over three hours they made charm bracelets, ear rings and many more bits and pieces. Without our sitter's awesome help it would have just been a party, but the jewelry made it truly special. The girls had a great time, and were so excited to show their parents all the clever things they'd made.
We finished up with cupcakes (ordered from the local bakery) and the girls ate either the icing OR the cake. I should have just baked some, but felt exhausted from our bout of sickness so spent a fortune on cakes which turned out to be too rich for kids. Oh well, they looked awesome!
Our big girl finished up the evening with a nice big vomit (all over her mother!) but surely it's not your party without tears and vomit? We had both in spades...
Happy Birthday again to our amazing girl. We are so proud of her courage and tenacity, she has been through so much over the last twelve months and none of it can keep her down. 
Here's to another cra-azy year!

With her favourite gift, Fluffy the remote-controlled dog!

I'm still a jeans girl at heart.

Poppet and her favourite Canadian!

The spread. No Canadian kids were brave enough to try a honey joy. Which meant more cornflake-y goodness for the rest of us!

Earrings and bracelets and necklaces, oh my!

To cap off a great day, Poppet received this insane bunch of balloons from her grandparents in Oz.

So, that's the party. It was tres chic. Oh, by the way, it's actually snowing. In Toronto! We'll be outside making snowballs real soon.


  1. So pretty and colourful....looked like a great day. Vicki x

    1. it was great. we even managed a little dancing...

  2. Jen it looks gorgeous ... you look gorgeous too it much be said, rocking a pair of jeans at a tea party ... 'tres chic' xxx

    Much love from Oz to your snow covered porch xxx


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