Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stomach Flu Soup

Well, it's certainly been an interesting week in our house. We started off the New Year with gastro, or the stomach flu as some folks call it here, and have continued along that merry path ever since.
We have each succumbed to it's wonders, ending with Mister being upstairs now in bed, having been in bed all day after being up sick all night. He asked me at some stage in the wee small hours why these lurgies always seem to strike at night. Good question! 

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If one could regurgitate all day and sleep all night, one wouldn't get half as sick as one does with these things.
So, in one week I may have had one full night's sleep. But that's just a confused and random guess...
Hey ho. It is what it is. Etc.
So, we have mostly been consuming water, gastrolytes and toast for days now. It was time for something a little healthier and Poppet voted for soup. Bless.
I sweated off some leek and zucchini, then added a parsnip (sneaky, had to disguise the taste of that with lots of cheese!) and potato. Covered it with stock, whacked on the lid and left it to simmer for about 30 minutes. Once the parsnip was soft I blended the heck out of it to turn it a lovely beige colour, ladled it up and called it Stomach Flu Soup. 

 The trick was to keep it bland, no tomatoes or offensively strong flavours like onions or garlic. As it was the smell of it cooking (rather nice, actually) turned the stomach of him upstairs.
Poppet had hers with some crusty bread. I had focaccia. 

Hers is all gone and she's back in front of the idiot box. We are currently inhaling the Spy Kids series of films which she loves and tomorrow we'll give Johnny English a go. Rather silly films but she is thoroughly enjoying them all. Lucky we have an awesome dvd library down the road. And when you're sick and it's minus 20 outside, what else are you going to do but eat soup and watch tv.
Expect more action next week when 'we' hit the slopes at Blue Mountain Resort. I shall be 'hitting' the dayspa....

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