Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blue Mountain Part 2

It's raining and windy in Toronto. Almost 8 degrees at night which is just nuts. It's meant to be cold and snowy. The rain has melted all the lovely white stuff away. Don't get me wrong, I still love the rain but it feels a bit like a waste to have put our winter tires on the car at this point. Hopefully that investment will make good in February and March. C'mon Canada!
So, I thought I'd reminisce with some more snowy pics from last week's holiday. My favourite day up the mountain was Wednesday. Mister only did a little boarding, Poppet had finished ski lessons so it was time for the three of us to get out into the snow together. Tobogganing is one of the few winter sports I can actually participate in. If you crash you only have to roll out onto the snow, no risk of hip dislocation there. We found a great cross-country skiing place which also had a toboggan run. With such a lack of snow that week, the run was closed when we got there. But the owner took one look at Poppet's sweet l'il face and said it would be ok for us to go out there, just make sure we stick to the short run as it's a little icy. No problem. For three bucks each we had a fantastic couple of hours in the snow. The icy-ness just made it faster. Oh, and we actually did sneak over to the big run, and Poppet screamed the whole way down with delight. Very good times...

The short run. Poppet was still willing to drag the toboggan up the hill at this point.


The view from the top. Expansive fields of white.

Time for some serious action. By now, Dad is pulling the toboggan up the big hill and Poppet is crawling!    

Oh yeah, that was awesome!

We managed to find babysitting one evening as well, and headed out for some Italian with our expat friends. This was the night in which we discovered that Francis Ford Coppola has a winery. A very good one. Really great chardonnay. Who knew?!

Post-Coppola (which is not usually such a relaxing experience...)

The next day, Poppet and I visited the Hatley store. We both love the pyjamas at this place (and the ice cream is good too). One of the men behind the brand is the author of some of our favourite books. With titles such as "The Busy Beaver" and "Making the Moose Out of Life", you can see that they're rather Canadian. And the books contain the very dry humour which really appeals to us.

pic via here

We re-visited the scene of the previous night's 'crime'. I'm thinking that those chairs are still there on the deck, not-so-anxiously awaiting our return.

You never know your luck.....

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