Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blue Mountain Part 1.

So, as you probably know, we hit the snow this week. We had to leave the city to find it, stupid global warming.
Our destination was Blue Mountain, a ski village about two hours' drive north of Toronto. Luckily they've had snow when we've had rain, so there was quite a bit of white stuff on the ground. They also make snow to guarantee the ski season. We stayed in chalets which opened straight out onto the mountain. The beginner's run was outside our back door. 

The building on the right is our accommodation.

We booked Poppet in for her first ski lessons. Fancy a little girl from Perth, Western Australia, being able to do such a thing. I was jealous and proud, all at the same time. 

Waiting for her lesson.

She was genuinely excited and loved her first day. Until she fell off. Day two started with tears and a million conversations about the reasons for not attending her class. It was very hard to force her back out onto the snow. But we did it. We wanted her to conquer her fear (and frankly, the classes cost a small fortune!), it was pretty emotional for all involved. Fortunately, she had a great teacher who gave her some one-on-one time and that made a big difference.

A very teary start.

But damn, that girl can ski! By the end of the day she was gliding down the slope with ease. She was very excited and happy at the end of the day. What an achievement!

No problemo!

Meanwhile, Mister decided to have a crack at snowboarding. He kitted up (which takes ages, look at the crazy boots!) and then headed to the slope just outside our door. It didn't look very high, but I have it on good authority that it certainly felt steep coming down!


After collecting the various skiers and snowboarders, we got some pizza and had a glass of wine before passing out at 8.30. Tiring stuff.

The village on the way home from the pizza joint for dinner.

And what was I doing all this time? When I wasn't taking photos I was at the spa, having a facial. That's my kind of skiing...

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  1. Lovely. Go poppet - you look like a pro! I think I would've been joining you for the facial x Tarn


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