Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trickle Treat

It's taken me a day to sort through the photos from Halloween. There have been a myriad of activities related to it so it's hard to narrow them all down. In this post I will just deal with the day in question. 
Poppet woke bright and early (about 5.30) and started asking if I was going to do her face paint yet. To her it felt like Xmas. After breakfast (and a large coffee) I set to work on her face. She chose a leopard after seeing a dress in Gap that she simple HAD to have....

Here she is ready for school beside her favourite tree on our porch. The coat possibly spoiled the effect but it was about 4 degrees!

After dropping her at school, we had to return at 11am to watch the parade. The junior school did a lap of the local neighbourhood to show off their costumes. Our favourite was the teacher dressed as Beaker. She was disappointed as none of the kids knew who she was, or even what a Muppet is! We knew and were suitably impressed.

Could Poppet look more pleased?! Her grin resembled a Cheshire Cat more than a leopard throughout then entire parade. She really loves her new school and friends.
They returned to school and spent the afternoon doing Halloween activities and craft. It really is a holiday here, a lot like Christmas. So much community spirit and excitement.
After school we did a final daylight tour of the neighbourhood. Here are some pics of Poppet's favourite houses all dolled up.

We went home for an hour, then went back out into the night to trick or treat. This is the first year Poppet has called it 'trick or treat' instead of 'trickle treat'. Cute. We teamed her up with her little Aussie friend and they tore off down the street for candy.

As the night got darker and colder, we stumbled across a house with sound effects. Howling and chains clanging, and scary music. That was enough for Poppet. Home time.
I'm sure I enjoyed Halloween as much as Poppet did. I never got to experience anything like it as a child and I think it's amazing. I could have stayed out all night! But a teary girl needed me to lie down with her until she fell asleep. In the light of  the next day as we wandered to school, she told me of the fun she had and how much she loves Canada.
I couldn't agree more.


  1. So glad you had a great time...though I will say I AM disappointed about the no-show of a poppet costume. Next year, right!?

  2. What a fantastic day. Millie looked ever-so-pleased with herself. She reminds me of Les, ha! I'm so pleased you're settling in. We miss you terribly though. Lots of love & a big hug from our two furry ones to your furry girl. XX

  3. This is so amazing to see Jen, what a fabulous holiday for everyone!!!! Millie looks incredibly happy, and I have to say, the scary noises would have sent me running home to bed too! ;) Tans xx

  4. sorry, no time for a costume for mummy! otherwise it was a blast. more pumpkin stuff to follow tomorrow...

  5. Love it!! So sweet that poppet loves Canada :)

    I'd love to experience a Halloween in the US/Canada, I think it looks absolutely fantastic!

  6. i think it's amazing, as you can see. it's a real community experience, not just a commercial one. really glad we made it in time...


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