Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Slightly Less Crazy Antics.

Now that the Fall fun and frivolities are done with, it's a little quieter round here. But that suits us fine, we are in need of some downtime. On a slower weekend we've still been to playgrounds, and video stores and out for brunch and ice cream (and I've been to Walmart again, lucky me).
Poppet had a super-nice sick bug on Friday and stayed home from school. After some Ibuprofen, she dressed herself up as a 'pony' and did a crazy dance for me before passing out on the sofa when her fever returned. I spent the night in her bed (it was hot in there!) and then she was just...better. Her throat is still a little red, but she is currently driving her father crazy, wrestling on the sofa. It's almost bedtime. For sure.
I managed to finish my first Canadian-made poppet, after promising my kid a piggy one in March. Quite the wait, but she seems to have decided it was worth it. And now that I'm happy with the stuffing I've found (from Walmart no less - eco friendly, biodegradable and hypo-allergenic), it's full steam ahead. Poppets are being assembled at varying rates, depending upon my enthusiasm levels (and whether a school mum has offered a coffee date) and slowly but surely Pikelet Workshop is rearing it's funny little head.
So, these pics are from Friday 'sick' day. An up and down and cuddly day...

On Saturday, we decided on a trip to the lakeshore for some climbing. Well, Poppet climbed, and we froze our ears off. It was a lovely sunny day but probably about 5 degrees down there...

And today's highlight was ice cream. We wandered down the main street to The Film Buff. The local video store, which serves great ice cream and coffee as well as some film noir. Perfect combination. Poppet chose the blue ice cream, named 'Ice Cream Cake'. Apparently that's exactly what it tasted like. I had the chocolate and peanut combination and Daddy had espresso. Check out the prices! We had three ice creams for 5 bucks. I'm sorry, but I don't know of a place in our hometown that serves great gourmet ice cream so generously or cheaply as that. No videos borrowed today, we'll save that for a snowy day. Or two.


And on the way home I admired the view of my peeps. I love them. They are lots of fun. Even with a MAJOR meltdown from Poppet during the day (she is very tired!) it was another lovely day in Toronto today. It's also nice for Poppet to have some Daddy time, as he's off to scenic Ghana soon for work. Blegh!

And now I need to spend some time with that guy too. I may even let him leave the American football on tv...


  1. For some reason the pics of Poppet and Daddy walking along made me all sentimental...and you know I don't do sentimental.

    As for the ice-cream prices, I had one on Friday - small cup for $4.50!!! I am moving to Toronto.

    Keep the posts coming, love 'em xx

  2. I liked the pic of poppet trotting around like a horse, with tail and all. That brought some memories back (very Equus 1993). xcameron

  3. thanks cam, that certainly brings back memories! no doubt Poppet will be in a production of equus herself in the future...


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