Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Sunday, November 27, 2011

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum...

...wie treu sind deine Blatter!  (sorry, no umlaut!)

One of the few things I remember from 6 years of German study at high-school are the lyrics from "O Chrismas Tree". Useful if/when I finally visit Deutschland, as long as it's at Xmas time!
But I can't even look at a fir-tree without hearing that song in German. In English, I think the lyrics go something like this...
"O Xmas Tree, O Xmas Tree, O Xmas Tree, O Xmas Tree, O Xmas Tree, O Xmas Tree..." 
I should probably work on that.
I've spent the week deciding on some new Christmas Carol downloads. To this date, I've only had the funkier Xmas muzak on my Ipod, but I've realized that Poppet doesn't know the lyrics to anything except Jingle Bells. It's time to do something about that. As much as I love the really full-on choral stuff, I didn't think it would grab her. So we've compromised with Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby, Judy Garland to come later (thanks for the tip, Ange!)  Though I'm still searching for some classy music with a kids' choir, if anyone has a tip.
So with 'Chestnuts roasting on an open fire" and "Good King whatshisname" playing, we got our tree set up this weekend. It's tricky, as I've always wanted a 'real' tree and haven't been able to have one as our cats have always climbed our Xmas tree and chewed it to bits. Bless. NOT!
This year we had the chance to go out to a Xmas tree farm and cut one down ourselves and drag it back home. Sounds like a dream come true. But when I thought about the logistics of that - the size of our car versus the size of the tree, the patience of all concerned, watering the tree every day and dealing with the needles it will inevitably drop as it dies slowly in the corner... well, it just seemed to make more sense to go with a fake. Sorry environment...
I did splurge on the fake, but couldn't do a 7-foot tree as we wouldn't have been able to fit the star on the top! Poppet helped me choose the tree (meaning, she came along and was completely bored by the whole thing) and we brought it home for Daddy to put up. It's a good imitation fir with a slight icicle thing going on at the tips. And, it's pre-lit. Too easy.
We actually put up the tree together for the first time in years. Daddy hasn't always been into the whole tree thing, but this year he seemed to enjoy it and even managed some Bing Crosby crooning! I guess even the greatest Scrooge will melt at the sound of your child saying "I love you Daddy", "this is the best day ever" etc....
So, here are some pics from our day. Please forgive the slight blur to them, I forgot to charge the battery on the camera. Again. Just imagine you're looking at them after/through a couple of glasses of Eggnog. (On that note, I am seeking a great recipe for Eggnog if anyone wants to share!)

It looks rather nice at night, casting pretty shadows on the walls. We've started some other Xmas crafts, and will do the gingerbread house soon. Probably, we'll do something to the exterior of the house, as the landlords don't seem to mind. They live downstairs and put up with our decorating whims very nicely.
The day was rounded off with a viewing of "Arthur Christmas". Great film, pity about the 3D. 
And so, it IS beginning to look a lot like Xmas. We should even get some snow flurries soon! 
Can. Not. Wait.
Have you done your tree yet? Are you driving your family nuts with Xmas music yet? 
I'm doing my best, that's what I'm here for.


  1. Merry Christmas!!! All kinds of gorgeous xxx And my pleasure ;0)

  2. So jealous that you get to have a 'White Christmas' Jen! I've been dreaming of one since I was so little. Make sure you think of us back in WA while you are having 'chestnuts roasted on the open fire'
    xx Clare

  3. thanks clare. fingers are crossed for a white xmas, it had better hurry up! rather warm in these parts for this time of year. still getting up to 10 degrees.

  4. No Christmas tree in our place since we moved to Australia, the heat has made me loose my mojo. We always had a tree up in the UK even though there was only ever the two of us to enjoy it. Now I leave it up to my sister to get into the spirit of things ...but the Perino family tree is not lallowed up until after the 15 Dec, something to do with being Saint Lucia festivities, or being Catholic and Italian or is it just a Sicilian superstition, dunno! In any case best avoid any bad karma ;) Enjoy your tree lovely lady and ur 'proper' cold Xmas xx

  5. shame about the tree fran! but i get it, at least you have other people's trees to enjoy. child is now more interested in what will be underneath it in a few weeks...

  6. I think fake trees are actually better for the environment. Obviously the embodied energy is higher and they're made out of plastic. But they last for years and years. Contrast that with growing a tree, then chopping it down just so that you can look at it for 4 weeks, and then throwing it away, into landfill i guess, and then doing it all again the next year...real trees seem worse.

  7. Forgot to say the real words are "Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches"

  8. actually they're turned into compost here, but that's canada for you!


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