Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Movie Night

We've started a new tradition in our house. Put simply, it's movie night. We have always been real sticklers for bedtime, and Poppet has been in need of that. She's a very early riser no matter what time she hits the hay, and there's usually plenty of tv for her during the day as well.
But now that she's almost seven (?!) she is old enough to enjoy films which we like as well. Sorry, but movie night with Barbie isn't really our cup of tea. Poppet has also been experiencing some pretty decent separation anxiety lately, so we felt a bit of quality time was in order.
We chose a classic for our first movie night.

picture found here

It's such a great film, still very funny to us old fogies but cute enough to entertain Poppet as well. In the past she hasn't been able to handle things as 'scary' as the shrieking eels, but she's starting to get over that. It helps when we explain that they're just puppets like in Labryinth, one of her favourite films.
So, whilst I prepared the hotdogs (vego for me!), Poppet and her doll got ready. 

They donned their pyjamas, brushed their hair and brought some pillows to the sofa. Here is a picture of them all ready for the big event. 

The doll is called Tilly. She is an American Girl doll, and if you're not familiar with them you can follow the link. Tilly is a fairly constant companion for our only child and Poppet is becoming very excited about visiting the enormous American Girl store in New York when we visit next year. 

A cuddle on the sofa, a little bit of dark chocolate, lots of giggles and it was bedtime. It is such a simple idea, but I found that my kid was genuinely excited by the prospect of a movie night together. She had our undivided attention (no computers,  mobile phones or crochet allowed) and felt like she was staying up 'late' like a big girl. We are trying to decide what the next film will be. Possibly, she isn't ready for The Goonies, Dark Crystal or The Neverending Story. We'll have to come up with something in between. Suggestions welcome!

For now, I'll leave you with our favourite quote from the movie...

"Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die".



  1. one of my favourite movies of all time too!

  2. Lovely idea Jen..... might have to borrow it down the track ;0p

  3. thanks girls, it's a great way to revisit the old movies from childhood!

  4. Quotable quote. Can't wait to rip that one out. Just have to find the right situation...


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