Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Very Belated Farewell...

So, it's been a while. 
I'm going to step back in time (pre ridiculous jet-lag!) and say farewell to home.
On our last day in Perth we visited the beach. Ironic, considering we never visit the beach as a rule. But it was a nice overcast day and we thought it was fitting.

We were packed and ready hours before our taxi was due to arrive. It was a rather relaxing day which was nice. Poppet was awesome on the flights, though the 30 hours of transit took it's toll on us all. What a relief it was go to get ourselves and our 9 suitcases to the hotel. (on a side note, a guy in our shuttle from the airport took a photo of our suitcases with his cell phone, guess we're the laughing stock of his facebook buddies by now)
It has been crazy and lovely to be here in Canada. The jet-lag has actually taken more days than I expected to recover from, but we've hit the ground running.
On our first day we had to pick up the hire car and get onto the other side of the road in it in MAJOR traffic. Next was getting our ID cards and banking organized, then looking at apartments (still doing that) and finding some winter clothes for husband before he hit work today. It's lovely and sunny and about 18 degrees here, but the wind has a real Toronto bite to it. There'll be more of that to come!
The next few days sees us trying to decide where to live and then we can get on with buying a car. I don't want to think further down the 'list' than that for now.
Loving it!



  1. ...ah, it sounds great Jen - so glad you are loving it!!!! Great pic of Miss Millie, it won't be the same without you guys (when we get back!) xxx


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