Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

North American Fare.

Daddy has the car today. Poppet is fed up with shopping for saucepans so I agreed to stay in. This means staying inside the hotel room with no fresh air and a 6 year old climbing the walls which I can only tolerate for so long. 
So we decided to head out to lunch. The choices near our hotel (which is close to the airport, I may have trouble sleeping without the sound of jets flying overhead when we leave...) are generic diners and pizza joints.
Or, if you're feeling more adventurous, you can visit Hooters or The Landing Strip. While these places may have steak and fries and burgers, the waitresses with ample bosoms at the former or the strippers in tiny thongs at the latter would probably put us off our food. Actually we've been discussing the virtue of calling 'thongs' flip flops for the sake of the locals, but I don't think we need to demonstrate with a trip to one of the many local strip clubs. 
But isn't it nice that traveling businessmen are so well catered for around here? Steak and sex. Yes.
We chose Montana's. 

This is still a generic grillhouse but it's quite fun with kids. The kids' menu (which is virtually guaranteed in any eating establishment in Canada - big high five to that!) is divided into three sections. Poppet had a choice between chicken 'fingers' or pizza or a burger, then she could choose between fries or cucumber 'wheels' or coleslaw, and of course there was dessert included.
I had nachos, which actually weren't drowning in cheese. Another high five for that. This is what our food looked like when it arrived...

The decor is a lot of fun, lots of Canadiana. Mooses and canoes and paddles, oh my! (apologies for the quality of the photos, I forgot to charge the battery on my camera).

And here is Poppet with her ice cream.

The whole lunch cost about $25 including drinks and Poppet's dessert. Not bad in my book, certainly better than McDonalds. Which we NEVER do.
I since realized that I forgot to take an exterior shot and whilst Googling for one I came across this...

picture from here

Seriously, you want to get married there??!! That's like getting married at Sizzler. Isn't it?
On the walk home, Poppet found it entertaining to pick needles from the spruce trees which we passed. She then attempted to stick them into any parts of my skin she could get at, whilst I was concentrating on getting us across the busy roads safely. Look left THEN right...d'uh!
Only 6 more sleeps til she starts school. Not that I'm counting? Oh I am, believe me. And so is she, we are NOT candidates for home schooling.
I've had her out in the fresh air now, so she's happy to sit and play with some toys. We'll tackle some school-type activity books a bit later. Me, I'm going to pre-wash all those sheets and towels I bought yesterday at Crate and Barrel. It's such fun using the coin laundry down the hall. And having to go downstairs constantly for the exact change for the stupid coin laundry. EXACTLY one loonie ($1) and three quarters (25c), no other coins will do. And they still have so many coins here, lots of dimes and nickels and one cent pieces, I never seem to have any quarters handy...
Then I'm going to spend another hour surfing the Ikea website. When husband gets home I get to go out to purchase a vacuum and maybe even an iron. Good times! After so much shopping, I am actually sick to death of the mall. Who knew that was even possible.
More on decorating once we're actually in our apartment. Only 5 more sleeps til then. 
And yes, I'm counting!



  1. Great post! Few comments:
    1. What's wrong with hooters for lunch? :)
    2. Love reasonably priced food...but does a six year old really need 3 ice creams - it's no wonder they are all rotund with portion sizes like that.
    3. Montanas rocks and you KNOW you would have had your wedding reception there, if only you could. Me...I am having my wedding reception at hooters - burgers and buns for all!!
    Thanks for the giggle xx

  2. thanks for the giggle in return! i managed to steal one of those ice creams but you're absolutely right, it's excessive! poppet usually says she can't manage it. at the breakfast buffet here you can do waffles, we tried them once and couldn't manage a whole one each. unfortunately there a lot of people who eat them by the plateful. we thought we had a sweet tooth, but it seems to be sated by strawberries and 'cantaloupe' for now.
    as for montana's, maybe we can manage an anniversary there sometime instead...


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