Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MIA Much?

Firstly, I'll apologise for the colour of this font. Blogger isn't letting me change it today and I would rather post it and correct later than give up altogether. Sorry!
It would appear that I have completely fallen off the blogging wagon and landed in a ditch somewhere.
I've also fallen off some other wagons; exercise, healthy eating, contact with friends and family, working and parenting - to name but a few more. 
I put that down to the following; summer holidays, visitors from Down Under, a change in my hormone medication (yippee!), some very hot weather, the Toronto International Film Festival, the commencement of a new school year and general laziness and exhaustion.
'Nuff said.
Whilst we are still in the midst of many of the above whirlwinds, I have found a quiet pocket (waiting for the electrician) to re-aquaint myself with the blog. Hello blog. Miss me?
Today is just a little post in the hopes that starting small will lead me back to the path. And I've wanted to share our latest group Pinterest board from the Pin-Ups gang.
We picked "crafting with kids" to focus on for September and the girls have come up with some really cool stuff. There are over 120 ideas to keep your kiddies occupied, from varying age groups and for varying weather conditions. Awesome, yes?! 
My next challenge is to attempt to actually do some of them with poor, neglected Poppet. The Totoro we made together is possibly the last crafty thing we've done. At least I read with/to her every single day.
One of my favourite ideas from the new board is this one from Shona at Funky Fabrix. Very simple and endless possibilities. I like that.

image via here

Shona sells some incredible fabric, including gorgeous vintage stuff. You can check out her wares over here and here. We've become great friends via Facebook and have bonded over our love of fabric and craft, and all things snow and ice. There are some exciting things in the works for Shona too, particularly for Brisbanites. Check out her fabric, you won't regret it!
As for me? That's about all the computer/techy time my PMS is allowing this morning. I can feel my hackles rising after pulling together so many links. But at least I made the effort! We're off to the CN Tower tonight for a meal and a gorgeous revolving view of our favourite city. I'll do my best to post some shots soon. And I really want to tell you about our week of movies and celeb spotting too. I will, I really will!
Pinky swear.

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  1. And a super big thank you to Tamara for her help with the font. I just don't understand this html crap...


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