Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Monday, September 24, 2012

Grumpy Me

For whatever reason, it has escaped my notice that  I am no longer a morning person. I'm pretty sure I was, once upon a time, but it's a dim memory.

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And then I wonder why my kid and I struggle each morning to get along, why she loses her temper so quickly and I look forward to dropping her off at school so much. Um, yep. That would be because she is JUST. LIKE. ME. Somewhere along the way, I became so task-focused that I forgot to make it fun. I envy my Husband because he always gets to be the 'fun' parent. Like that's his doing and nothing to do with me. D'uh! I'm always telling Poppet she is the one who can turn her mood around. About time I showed her how it's done. I am determined to spend the next month smiling in the mornings and enjoying the time I have with my girl.

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One of the tricky things is that she is a super-early riser. Usually around 6am, but sometimes earlier. That means TV is a necessity in the mornings, but we've learnt to switch it off at 8am so we have time to get ready. This is usually followed with a rather military attempt at getting ready in silence. Why it hadn't occurred to me before today to play some music, I just don't know. This morning we switched on ABBA when we switched the TV off. It was a lot of fun, and we were ready in record time with lots of smiles and dancing. We even had time to youtube some ABBA clips and gawk at their crazy outfits.

What a revelation. Here's to fun and frivolity, whilst getting things done. Do you have a special song which peps you up? We're going to play some 70s and 80s classics in the mornings and learn all about pop music and crazy fashion. I definitely see some Jackson 5 in our future...

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Combined with lots of coffee and some cooler weather (yay!) this should be a doddle. Fingers crossed.
Oh, and if you're after some light relief, you should check out our latest Pinterest board. Warning, some of it is a little on the naughty side....

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