Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

An Anniversary Of Sorts

Goodness me, it's been a year since we arrived in Toronto!

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We're certainly happy we bothered. In a year, we've been to London and New York, seen the movies at TIFF and been to countless concerts. We've (they've) been ice skating and skiing, picked apples and carved pumpkins. Giggled at squirrels and grumped over raccoons.
I think it's fairly obvious that I really love this city. I rarely feel unhappy (except for hormone-related issues but more on that later) and the imminent change of season brings with it the promise of more adventure. Possibly the seasonal changes are one of my favourite parts of living in North America. In Perth, there is a looooong summer and a rare glimpse of autumn/winter/spring all rolled into one. I just find it monotonous.
I can't appreciate the blue skies and sunshine without the clouds and rain. It's raining today, and I feel as happy as a pig in mud. Walking to school in boots and splashing in puddles, drinking hot coffee on the way home and contemplating which craft to get on with. I even feel like cooking again.
It's fairly obvious that I'm just not a summer girl at heart. Give me scarves and boots over bikinis and sunblock any day!
We have signed on for another year in this fabulous place and will continue to cross our fingers that Husband's employer will offer further employment after that. Research is beginning regarding residency and all the unimaginable paperwork which will relate to that. Considering it took over 11 weeks to get our work permit, who knows how long the other process will take if we decide to go down that path.
If you want to read more about the stress of moving from Oz to TO, you can do that here and here. It's funny re-reading my posts from a year ago. I was certainly very stressed, but even then I knew it would be worth it. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut.

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For now, we'll continue to lap this place up, and enjoy the way in which the monotony of daily life is interrupted by weather, activities, awesome people and holidays. Though I'm quite happy for a quiet night in tonight with some crochet. We only have Thursday and Friday night out this week, which is more restful compared to the last one.
And I even did some work yesterday. Big happy dance!

I'm off to the hairdresser now, and will hit the sewing machine when I return. Cheers!

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