Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Sorry, it's been a quiet week. I had all sorts of fun things to post about like snow and Disney On Ice and the like. But then I got gastro. In fact, a few of us who attended Disney got gastro. Thanks Mickey!
I'm on the road to wellness now, but still a little shaky. It will most certainly be an alcohol-free New Year's Eve for me. In fact, it's our eighth wedding anniversary as well, and I bought a bottle of Verve to crack open but haven't bothered to chill it. Will have to take a raincheck on that one.
Instead, we'll head up to the pub for some wings (I'll have salad) and come home to finish our annual re-watch of The Lord Of The Rings. Actually, that's a nice way to see in the new year in my book. The nightmare of huge boozy nights and much larger hangovers are behind us. Thankfully.
We had planned on going to the ice rink for hot chocolate and a night skate but that's way too much effort.
On a happy note we had our first real snow this week. Probably a couple of centimetres worth,and  just enough to cover the city in a white blanket. It's raining now, so most of it has melted away but it was lovely while it lasted. There'll be plenty more snow in the coming months so we don't mind.
Here are some pics. 

 Happy New Year everyone and thanks so much for sticking around.

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