Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Sunday, December 18, 2011


We hit the ice today. Well, not quite 'we'. I've been warned off skating and skiing because of my titanium hip (falling puts me at risk of dislocation) so I do the sidelines/support thing. Hot chocolate anyone?
The local government funds ice rinks all over town. Free ice skating. Yep.
We joined some Aussie friends today for Poppet's first spin on the ice. She had the most amazing time. Poppet can sometimes be the child who falls and cries and wants to give up (except where monkey bars are involved) but she just laughed when she fell and got back up again. Good girl. And also reassuring considering what we've spent on skates and helmets and the like.
After an expected wobbly start, she had a go with some props but then decided to just get out there and have a go. It's going to take some time but she seems to have found her balance and is being patient with herself which is a good sign. The local children zipped past the Aussies at alarming rates, who knows how long it will take us to catch up!
I think it was about zero degrees at the rink. And there was a big pile of 'snow' at the side to play in when the skating got too much.

Here are some pics...

After the skating we went to a friend's place for pizza and wine. What a fantastic afternoon. We plan to skate every weekend. Need to make the most of the 'ice time'....

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