Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Friday, December 2, 2011


So, we finally caught lovely Leslie Feist live last night. 
It has become a running joke in our house that we are always in the wrong continent at the wrong time.
We first discovered her music a few years back. We were living in Brazil, holidaying in New Zealand and negotiating our first contract to work in Toronto. That sounds a bit nuts reading it back. Welcome to our life!
The whole driving trip around beautiful South Island was spent looking at vistas like this.....

Listening to songs like this.... Mushaboom ...

So, it was very apt that we got our contract to and moved to the city in which Feist lives. But then she went and played in Perth! Typical.

Poppet is an enormous fan and it was very tempting to take her to the show last night. But it was a very late night as Feist played lots of encores for her home town (though we did spy one little girl in the audience). She invited people up onstage to dance and we watched a bunch of misfits having a ball and celebrating an amazing voice.

Image via here

Because we live in such a great 'hood, we caught the tram downtown and walked a block to the venue. Dinner at a funny diner across the street took us straight back to concerts of yore in Toronto. Sigur Ros was another amazing show at this venue. It's great to finally tick Feist's concert off the 'list'. Here's a review.
Not the best reviewer I've read, but a good description of the old 'hippy' man dancing. He looked like Santa in tie-dye. Rather incongruous in the setting, but you never know who will turn up to a show in Toronto. I like that.
We have tickets to some more shows coming up and summer will bring a heap of shows.But believe me, if we ever manage to see Bjork we will have to buy a third ticket. She's the one Poppet is really crazy for!
And rightly so. Sorry, no Justin Bieber in this house.


  1. we were there too! me and my 9yo daughter. hippie santa was the best part, truly. we are new(ish) to the city too, and loving it. glad to have stumbled here. cheers!

  2. thanks for your comment! glad your daughter went along. i'm still singing her tunes in my head on rotation!

  3. Yay you! The NZ pic did nothing for my homesickness though ... but because of the Bieber boycott you are forgiven! xxx

  4. new zealand is the best holiday we've done. loved it! the bieber boycott is self-imposed by poppet. she thinks he's dumb. i'm sure she'll get over it soon enough...


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