Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why, hello there!

Hello and welcome to my first post. If you are familiar with my Facebook page, you will be accustomed to my drivel and may have popped over here for a little more. If not, you'll get used to me. Or you won't. Either way is just fine.
Where to start? My own poppet, age 6, has been desperate to learn to sew and I've been waiting for a good chunk of available time. It finally presented itself in the form of Mother's Day! (thanks to a good dose of 'man-flu', we were able to spend the entire day at home)
I had a little long stitch kit ready for her to try and we whiled away quite a few hours together on the deck, muchly enjoying the new Fleet Foxes album. Needless to say she really enjoyed it.

It was great to have a project she could manage without much help from me. It's about halfway to completion now, I will share some more pics when it's up on her wall.
As I sat beside her I finally started the crochet blanket I've felt like making for months. I love simple crochet for it's repetitive nature and the tiny amount of concentration it requires. As my business has grown, I've lost time to make things purely for the pleasure of making. Something I'm determined to change over the coming months.
I bought the wool here (look at the colours!)

and hassled my friend Victoria from Dover & Madden for a pattern. She suggest I visit Attic24 for her tutorial, which I did. And I've finished two whole rows! Expect many crochet updates over the coming months (hopefully it won't take me longer than that!) Here is a little snap of my blanket's humble beginnings.

It really was the loveliest day, sitting outside with my little family doing not too much in particular and feeling grateful for the opportunity to do so. I hope your day was lovely too, whether you are a Mother or not ;)
More later...


  1. Welocome to blogging world Jen!! And my oh my, what a beautiful website and blog it is too!!
    Love all your creations and I am looking forward to reading more! xo

  2. Looking great Jen. Love the colours and your drivel.
    Bec x

  3. Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic! Can't wait to read so much more Jen. Website looks gorgeous - love the blue pinstripe :) All the best - GO TEAM PIKELET!!

  4. Just adore your website and blog! Gorgeous.
    Love this: "you will be accustomed to my drivel and may have popped over here for a little more. If not, you'll get used to me. Or you won't. Either way is just fine." made me laugh out loud... the kids came in to see what was so funny! ;-}

  5. Hello! Funny - we have been listening to the new Fleet Foxes non stop and I have ordered some of that yarn for either a ripple or stripe blanket.

  6. Ooh I've been waiting in anticipation for your blog and my what a lovely space it is :)
    I just today started crocheting some granny stripes courtesy of Attic24...enjoy creating just for the pleasure of it.

  7. Everything about ALL of this is gorgeous! Well done YOU xx

  8. Welcome to blogland Jen! I'm looking forward to the next installment of extended waffle :)

  9. Hi Jen, looking forward to your blog, drivel and all :-), love the colours of your wool, so cheery! Julie x

  10. thanks for the lovely welcome everyone. it's very squeal-inducing to think someone out there is actually reading this nonsense ;)
    i shall endeavour to bring you more soon!

  11. Yay! So glad you're blogging :) I'm finally back to mine after too long an absence xx

  12. i love your work but am i the only person who has real trouble reading the words?

    there is hardly any contrast between the font colour and the background.

    sorry to be critical, i mean it to be constructive and maybe it is only my computer, but i would love to read your blog but it is too hard on my eyes.

  13. thanks for your comment. i'll look into it.


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