Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hong Kong Disney!

The poppet and I recently visited Hong Kong to stay with my sister and her 4 girls. They very kindly took us to Disneyland and it was AWESOME!!! If you visit HK with kids under 12 you simply have to go. I was as much like a kid in a candy store as my 6 year old was. I think we spent the whole day gaping!
Look who we saw! They were even speaking Mandarin, or was it Cantonese...

Being HK, it was very clean and orderly, the cues were bearable (we had queue jumping tickets which were a real advantage) and being Disney, the food was typically American in style and very unhealthy (and not particularly vegetarian either, but you get that). Check out the size of poppet's 'cotton candy'! One size fits all apparently...

There were plenty of rides and Disney characters galore. An unexpected highlight was 'It's a Small World'. This ride reminded me of my love for Mary Blair's work. If you don't think you know it, follow the link and you will be taken straight back to those childhood hours spent with Little Golden Books. (I am so glad they've been re-released, we've amassed quite a few already.) I could look at those images all day long. I think we'll go back to HK just to re-visit this ride. The poppet wholeheartedly agrees.

This post could go on for a week, but I'll leave you with a couple of pics of the character parade at the end of the day. My kid and I were so hot and exhausted by this stage, but jumping up and down nevertheless when we saw Cinderella and Pooh and Tigger (though she still has issues with heffalumps and woozles - "beware, beware, be a very wary bear").

Belle even blew us a kiss as she went by. Well, we think it was for us...

It doesn't matter how old you are, if you grew up on Disney you just have to love this place. Thanks big sis for such a great day out.


  1. Ohhh I was going to ask you about HK Jen, as we're thinking about going later in the year just for Disneyland, then back to Singapore for the Universal Studios & then stop off in Thailand for some relaxation before heading home. It really sounds like you all had fun!! Makes me want to get out those travels brochures from the bottom of my handbag & start planning!!

  2. It's worth is just for disney alone, but Hong Kong is a lot of fun anyway. I might just try to squeeze into your suitcase!

  3. WOW :) looks like so much fun :) never been to HK...my Uncle was there for years before we were chucked out commanding troops or something ;) I used to love the beautiful gifts we got sent...this blog is just so full of colour...I just want to jump into the pictures and be there oh and steal some of Poppets fairy floss! ;)

  4. Looks like you guys had a ball! OMG, that fairy floss made me laugh. We always say, it was so big it was the "size of your head", that was at least double the size of a poppet's head!!!! Till next time.....XX

  5. Hello there. Wow, you've done such a good job on your blog. It looks really lovely. And it's so nice seeing what you look like. All the best with your new blogging adventure!

  6. thanks raewyn, it's great to finally be doing it!

  7. Fantastic Jen
    your blog looks great - good job!

    and you and the poppet are having lots of fun
    that's obvious

    heartfelt wishes for more fun to come
    Sehryn xxx

  8. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hong Kong!!! Disneyland is AWESOME isn't it!! Even if you are travelling adults with no kids you HAVE to go it is just an amazing day. I loved your post it brought back lots of memories and full of colour :)

  9. thanks for commenting everyone. puts a big stupid smile on my face everytime!

  10. I think I may need to refer to you when doing the Disney journey .... on our MUST DO list of destinations. Love the pics! And that candyfloss is the perfect size for all lovers of things sweet xx


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