Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Almost Ready...

We move house in a week! Gulp.
The contractor has been busy finishing up trim and floors and the like, and we spent last weekend painting Poppet's room.
The playroom and her room are ready so we are going to spend this weekend sorting her stuff and unpacking it there. Remember that this room had a kitchen in it once? It's quite the transformation!

She chose a minty green for her room, hard to get a decent picture of it yet with only the bulb hanging from the ceiling. The electrician is coming in today to hang ceiling fixtures which will help.

Here are some other shots of the almost readiness...

Stripped and all the cracks filled, more painting for us!

Nice to see the builders' stuff  being moved out!


Basement coming together, ready for the laundry appliances.

Basement bathroom

Builder found a kitchen door for us in his 'stash'. I love how wonky it is.

Ready for the kitchen!

Unfortunately there's been a plumber hiccup so we have no water for a few more days. This means we are lugging buckets of water to the house so we can fill the cistern and flush the toilet!
Who cares, it's so gorgeous I just want to spend all my time there.

Which reminds me, time to fill some buckets and pack the car for another trip over...

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