Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Little Passports

You know those really annoying Facebook ads which pop up in your feed? They drive me crazy.
But recently I saw one which led to something worthwhile and interesting.
It led me to Little Passports.

A friend and I have spent the past year searching high and low for good books for kids about other countries and cultures and travel. Nothing stodgy or dry, but fun and interesting and invigorating.

No deal.

(Note: We've since discovered the Lonely Planet Not For Parents books which are awesome, you can buy them here.)

So when I clicked over here to Little Passports I was a little excited.

"Your child's ticket to an exciting global adventure"?!
It sounded too good to be true but I decided to roll the dice and pay for a year's worth of global adventures.
And they're big dice, it cost me 150 big ones but signing up for the year was the best value for money.

And then I waited for the first package to arrive...

Within a month Poppet had received (always mailed in her name which she loves) her suitcase and passport, and a gorgeous world map. She was ready to travel with Sam and Sofia, her online buddies who write to her.

Each month she receives a padded parcel with a country stamp on the front. So far she's 'been' to Brazil, Australia, Egypt, Japan and France.  Each parcel contains a stamp for her passport, a pin for her map, some great activities and worksheets and best of all, a souvenir! Her favourite so far is the chunk of amethyst from Brazil. Or is it the origami from Japan. Or the Egyptian Mummy...
She also receives a 'boarding pass' and can go online and sign-in to play more games and activities for each country.

Here are some photos of her enjoying the Egyptian tour.

She even got to work on her archaeology skills to excavate that Mummy from a pyramid. God, how I wish I could have had Little Passports when I was 9!

Poppet has so much fun and it's a great activity for us to do together. Why wait for dry old Geography classes to start exploring the world. Rivers, oceans, flora and fauna. So much to discover.

Little Passports.

Worth every darn penny!

PS. Of course this is an independent review, I don't have that kind of blog.

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