Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Demolition Baby!

Just thought you'd like to see some of the demo photos.
Look how much sunshine flows in when the kitchen wall is gone!

There's some structural stuff to be dealt with here before the studs can come out. Dodgy renos from way back have caused some sagging. So glad the contractor picked up on this. This wasn't a supporting wall but it kind of is now until the repairs are done. Yeesh, dodgy DIY begone!
The broken tiles on the fireplace have come off, all ready for some shiny new ones. The mantle will get a lick of paint too...

And our basement has been turned to rubble. Lots of things will be happening down there, including a replacement of the heating and hot water systems. A new bathroom and sealing the place up from the cockroaches!


Our builder is funny, making some art of the roach. He was horrified at the size of this one (it is big for Canada) and we weren't impressed. Still, we shall kill them all. For sure!
Here is the room upstairs without the kitchen in it. The floor has to be replaced once the damaged joist has been repaired.


And here's a snap of me amidst the rubble in our back yard. It's gone now. Our guys are so quick and clean. Another reason why we're happy we chose this contractor.

That's all for now. I'm meeting the tiler today and the electrician starts tomorrow. Will be wonderful to have all that dodgy old wiring replaced. We're going to make this house safe safe safe!
And then we'll make it gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.
But safety first.


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing Jen :)
    Can't wait for after shots too. How exciting!

    1. There'll be a lot more 'during' shots before we get to the afters Karen, but I'll certainly be sharing! Thanks for commenting.


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