Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Parenting Gold Star

We're not doing a lot of travelling this summer. Phew.
What we are doing instead is having a Toronto 'staycation'. We're still tourists in this city, after all.
First cab off the rank was Canada's Wonderland. What a lame name for such a great theme park.
The park is divided between terrifying grown-up rides, mid-sized stuff for tweens and kiddy-friendly rides. Then there's an enormous waterpark filled with waterslides of all shapes and sizes, splashpads and even a wave pool
Husband took the day off work (we would never visit this place on a weekend!) and off we went.
Poppet started off on the smaller rides but eventually worked her way up to some fairly scary ones. She loved it!
I even went on a couple of rides, but days like this make me lament the loss of a stroller in our lives to lug all the bags and gear. Oh well, at least there were lockers at the waterpark for a mere $16 a day! We squished everything we had into one tiny locker. Ridiculous!
Here are the shots. I lifted shots from elsewhere to show you what the waterpark was like as we only had our towels for that part of the afternoon...

Ready to go.

Pretty awesome diving display.

Apparently very fast for a kid's ride.

My turn.

Legs akimbo!

They went on again, second from the back this time.

Loved it!
The wave pool, underneath and insane rollercoaster. We enjoyed the sounds of riders' screams whilst we swam. BTW, it would appear that no one in Canada can swim. Even adults were wearing floaties... Picture via here.

We did the big slides at the back...Picture via here.

This was such a fun water playground. The big bucket filled to the brim then tipped over us at intervals. Freezing
water!...Picture via here

So there you have it. We did seven long hours and had an awesome day. Toronto put on some perfect weather for us and we climbed into bed at 9pm. Weary but happy. Gold stars all round!
Haven't decided where our next outing will be yet. Stay tuned...


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