Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In Which She Sings

And sings. And sings. And sings.
I wouldn't mind ordinarily, Poppet usually spends her time making up little ditties but she's having a Selena Gomez phase. I really don't care whether even Angelina Jolie has something about herself she doesn't like.
(If you are blissfully unaware of this lyric I suggest you remain that way)

And then there's this funny little song...

"Silent Poo, Holy Poo
All is Poo, All is Poo"...

I'll spare you the rest. But I heard it in the car today at least ten times.

image via pinterest

It's so goddamn hot in Toronto this week and we have pathetic A/C in the house so I am really a very cranky lady. Next week the weather will return to normal summer temps and then we have a little journey up to Montreal to look forward to. Hotel has a pool. Repeat. Hotel has a pool.

I'm getting some stitching done, sloooooowly. Three pirates should be finished by the time the next Ice Age arrives. MMMM ice....

image via pinterest

And you know what? If I have to put up with the rest of that song then I think it's only fair that you share the pain...

"Round yon Poo-oo-oo, Mother of Poo,
Holy Poo so tender and Poo,
Sleep in Heavenly Poo-oo!
Slee-eep in Heavenly Poo....."

Have a nice day!


  1. ooooh I feel your pain! Both the song & the heat.

    1. final rendition of "poo glorious poo" before she said goodnight...


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