Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gigs, Flicks, Laughs and Trips

Just for fun, I thought I'd compile a list of the gigs, special film screenings and comedians we've managed to see since we landed in Toronto.

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From most recently back to October 2011...

Comedian : Maria Bamford
Gig : Mountain Goats
Comedian : Norm MacDonald
Comedian : Louis CK
Comedian : Patton Oswalt
Gig : St. Vincent and David Byrne
TIFF Screening : The Paperboy
TIFF Screening : Jayne Mansfield's Car
TIFF Screening : A Late Quartet
TIFF Screening : Cloud Atlas
TIFF Screening : The Master
Gig : TUnE-yArDs
Theatre : The Crucible
Gig : Beirut
Theatre : Speed the Plough
Gig : Dirty Projectors, Purity Ring
Theatre : Mary Poppins NYC
Theatre : Death of a Salesman NYC
Screening : North by Northwest hosted by Guillermo del Torro
Gig : Xiu Xiu, Dirty Beaches
Comedian : Jerry Seinfeld
Gig and Screening : Yo La Tengo
Gig : Snow Patrol
TIFF Screening : Crispin Glover
TIFF Screening : Reel Rascals Kids' Short Films
TIFF Screening : Kiki's Delivery Service
TIFF Screening : Spirited Away
TIFF Screening : The Cat Returns
TIFF Screening : Totoro
Theatre : The Neverending Story
Gig : EMA
Gig : Thee Silver Mt. Zion
Gig : St. Vincent
Gig : Feist
Comedian : Louis CK

(It should be noted that at least half of these shows started at around 10.30pm)

In fact, we were still suffering from jetlag when we first saw Louis CK (having booked the tickets from Oz), and I found it hard to stay awake whilst simultaneously laughing hysterically. A bizarre night. Thank goodness he was back a few weeks ago. What a very funny man he is.
At a time when we're trying to figure out how much longer to stay in this fabulous city, it's great to remind ourselves how much fun we're having. And how much babysitting we're paying out on. And how many shows and places are left unseen. Somehow, we've also managed a holiday in New York, and London and Manchester in between it all. Poppet has also managed to do camps and classes in sailing, cooking, photography, comic-making and drawing. We have cycling (indoor) and skating planned for winter and hope to achieve some animation and more art classes next summer. We're also taking her to see The Wizard of Oz (Andrew Lloyd Webber's new show) for her birthday in January.
Great times and now it's getting very, very cold. There's been little sprinklings of snow each day this week and my face hurts when I step outside. This makes me super-happy, though it does slow down the amount of shows we'll be seeing. Possibly we'll be going out only once a week for the winter.
Have you booked a sitter lately? Do it. Do it now.

Yep, we go out a lot. Pass me another espresso...

P.S. Are you doing your Obama happy dance like me?!

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