Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Week So Far

Not too many words from me as I have a cat on my lap, my laptop perched precariously on the edge of my knees and it's all feeling a little dicey. When I got home from drop-off he was sitting on the porch looking wet and bedraggled so I just had to let him in for a cuddle. Haven't told him I'm going out in ten minutes...
This week we've been doing a little Halloween decorating (only inside), Poppet has been madly sketching away and the Xmas stock pile has been growing. I even bought myself some moccasins and leg warmers, yes I did. It's that kind of weather.
Poppet has finally completed reading the entire Narnia series of books. She is an incredible reader and these books have really developed both her reading and her narration skills. I bought her the gorgeous Narnia pop-up book to celebrate such a triumph. The Spiderwick Chronicles await us!

Now, I have to go break it to this cat that I am about to put my wellies on and drag him outside again...
(Apologies for the photo quality, I'm hoping a new camera will be in my hands by Xmas!)

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