Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Comets and Such...

So, last night I was lying on Poppet's bed at sunset whilst she read to me from the final Narnia book.
As I stared out the window, pondering centaurs and unicorns, I watched a bright orange shape make it's way through the sky. It took about a minute to get from one side of her window to the other. At the time, I just watched it and didn't think to alert Poppet to it's presence nor call her Father from downstairs to look out the window.
And then I forgot about it, until I was looking out her window again tonight.
Turns out that I saw a Draconid Meteor. Who knew?! I've never seen anything in the night sky apart from the regular stars and airplanes. I've been reading up on this phenomena, and the Draconids have been described as 'languid' over the past few years. Very apt, and I felt sort of languid as it passed.
My Draconid looked a little like this...

Top left-hand corner. Image via here  

It was a beautiful thing. I'm a very lucky girl and whilst I don't see it as a sign (not the superstitious type) it certainly made me smile.
Next stop Aurora Borealis please...

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