Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop

Thursday, August 2, 2012

That Was The Week That Was

It's only Thursday and I've had enough. Or rather, Poppet has. 
With great excitement she started a week of sailing camp on Monday. Poppet's never sailed before (neither have I) so was excited to have the (rather expensive) opportunity to give it a try with some friends.
She was a little nervous but happy when I dropped her off and when I picked her up she was ecstatic. They had just taken the kids out in the speed boat to a deep part of Lake Ontario and thrown them in. 
On the walk home, things took a turn. She was obviously tired, and started to fixate on how she couldn't steer and she was the only one who couldn't. Etc. She's an over-thinker, and being tired didn't help. As the sun went down I saw that my girl was actually quite sunburned. What is the point of being asked to supply sunscreen if the darn instructors weren't making sure it was re-applied?!! I was very cross. Even more so when Poppet woke around 10pm feeling nauseous. So she stayed home from day 2 of sailing camp because  a break from the sun was in order. We spent that day talking it up and overcoming her fear of steering, ready to return the next day. The instructors assured me that she would be given time to do re-apply her sunscreen, but it still seems like she is a special case and I'm not sure the other kids are putting it on as well. So many North Americans are just not up to date with the risks of sunburn. I'm pretty sure they all think I'm an over-protective mother. Ozone or not, over 2 million Americans are expected to be diagnosed with some sort of skin cancer this year, I doubt Canada's statistics are any different. I guess they'll learn in time.
The hard way, which is a shame.
Day 3 went well. Poppet got a better handle on the steering thing and loved swimming in the lake. Of course she was incredibly tired after another day on the water, but happy. Her legs looked a little redder than I would like but otherwise she wasn't burned further. 
Day 4 (today) saw Poppet wake up tired and sad and cranky. Thank goodness she still wanted to go to camp. It's a long hike down to the lake, so we took her scooter to her friend's house to speed things up. From there we were to walk three blocks to the Lake. 
On the final leg of our journey a wasp managed to fly up the sleeve of her t-shirt and sting her twice before I could release it. For God's sake! Much screaming and pain ensued. My friend drove us home and I scrambled for the tylenol. Three hours later and the pain is abating at last. 

image via here

I'm hoping we'll make it to Day 5 of sailing camp but please remind me next year no to re-enroll her! 
I will look for a drama class instead...

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